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Cagliari Airport Arrivals

Also known by the names of Cagliari Elmas Airport or Aeroporto Mario Mameli among the Italians, Cagliari Airport is the main gateway to the island of Sardinia. The airport was inaugurated on 3rd may, 1937. It has about three million passengers every year as it happens to be located in a place that serves as a hotspot for tourists throughout the year. The place is easy to reach as it is located at a convenient spot- generally a fifteen minute drive from the City Centre. Buses from the City Centre leave every fifteen minutes and generally they are available until 11.30 at night. You can opt for taxis that are available 24 hours a day though they charge higher rates at night. Private cars are also a fast and flexible option but they are slightly on the expensive side. The airport is also a ten minute distance from the train station.

You can expect full support and hospitality from the airport officials in case of any need. For an airport that handles millions of passengers every one, Cagliari Airport can pleasantly surprise you with its friendly environment and customer support. From charts with check in and checkout timetables, transport for the disabled and convenient parking spots, Cagliari Airport tries to ensure that you have a pleasant stay and a happy beginning to every journey as soon as you arrive at the terminal. The terminal with its glass and metal surface makes it convenient for passengers while at the same time, providing a great view of gardens and the airliners. There are also ATMs and banks, shops of different varieties, lounges, restaurants, cafes and business centers located in the airport to ensure your convenience. There are direct flights from the airport to over thirty different cities and the airport is also used by several airliners as a means of easy access to the island of Sardinia.