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Cagliari Airport Departures

The terminal at Cagliari airport can accommodate four million passengers every year due to its modern and spacious infrastructure. In accordance with the standards B class of ICAO, it is a major international airport with great features and facilities to ensure passenger comforts. Modeled on the local monuments that are built with white limestone, the terminal made up of glass and metal surface of the terminal makes it convenient for passengers while at the same time, providing a great view of gardens and the airliners. It thus promises architectural grandeur which is a source of immense delight for the tourists.

Cagliari Airport is three-storied with arrivals on the ground floor and departures on the first floor. The terminal upgraded in 2003 ensures better passenger comfort and safety. There are direct flights from the airport to over thirty different cities and the airport is also used by several airliners as a means of easy access to the island of Sardinia. Air Berlin to Munich, Alitalia, Easy Jet, London-Heathrow British Airways, Meridiana, Monarch Airlines, etc. are some of the airlines available for arrival of departure from Cagliari Airport. The place is easy to reach as it is located at a convenient spot- generally a fifteen minute drive from the City Centre. Buses from the City Centre leave every fifteen minutes and generally they are available until 11.30 at night. You can opt for taxis that are available 24 hours a day though they charge higher rates at night. Private cars are also a fast and flexible option but they are slightly on the expensive side. The airport is also a ten minute distance from the train station.

Cagliari Airport is developing at a rapid pace. According to statistics, the airport had about 3.333.421 passengers back in 2009. Ever since then, the number of passengers has always been on the rise. The airport also has convenient parking spots, banks, shops of different varieties, lounges, restaurants, cafes and business centers. You can book your ticket from a number of websites and once the process is completed, you will get a confirmation through a text message. A bus station is located at a convenient place in front of the arrivals and departures area. In case of any urgent need, you can always contact the airport at +39 (0)70 211211.