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Cagliari Airport Buses

Also known as Cagliari Elmas Airport, Cagliari Airport is located on the island of Sardinia which is about seven kilometers from northwest of Cagliari. The airport is known by the name of Aeroporto Mario Mameli among the Italians. The island is a hotspot for tourists and the Cagliari Airport handles about three million passengers every year.

The very first glimpse of the airport is actually very promising for any tourist who has first landed in the city. Modeled on the local monuments that are built with white limestone, the terminal made up of glass and metal surface of the terminal makes it convenient for passengers while at the same time, providing a great view of gardens and the airliners. It thus promises architectural grandeur which is a source of immense delight for the tourists.

Travelling from the airport to the city centre and back is relatively easy simply because of its short distance. The cheapest form of transportation is buses that leave for the City Center every half an hour. There are two bus stations inside the Cagliari Airport- buses that leave from just outside the arrival are usually ply between 8.40 am and 11.30 pm while the buses from the departures area usually travel between 5.20 in the morning to 10.30 at night. Tickets have to be purchased before you board the bus and they are generally available at newsstand for arrival and at MacDonald’s for departure. Taxis are a far more flexible and faster way of travelling and they are found 24 hours a day. They usually charge higher rates at night but are negotiable at the same time. Private cars can also be rented and although slightly expensive, they are a great way of touring the island. The train station is also about ten minutes from the airport.

Passengers can most conveniently opt for bus services by a company called the ARST Azienda Regionale Transporti. Bus journeys are both comfortable and convenient with the ARST bus station being located near the train station. A one way ticket for a single journey costs 0.67 Euro and passengers travelling to the airport from the ARST bus station must board the buses from platform 8. The ARST bus company can be contacted at the toll free numbers of 800 865042 or 070 4098327. Alternatively, you can opt for private shuttle cars which mostly have websites of their own. Bus service or shuttle cars provided by the hotels are generally free of cost.