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Cagliari Airport Transfers & Taxis

When you visit a new place you need to ensure about the transport communication of that place. If you visit Cagliari Airport you did not have to worry about how you will reach your destination from airport, as it is well-equipped and offer all kinds of services. You can hire the most convenient way that is, hiring a taxi. The range of the taxi fare starts from € 51.

The most services that will be provided to you will be the Shared Transfer service, under this service you will only have to pay for your seat even though you are sharing the vehicle with other passengers. This facility is beneficial if you are traveling with the passengers whose destination is similar with you. The carrying capacity of such vehicles is of 8 passengers.

The other service that you can take is the Scheduled Shared Transfer. In this, you need to meet the driver at the designated meeting point, after deciding your departure time by you, as the departure time will be based on your suitability. To meet the driver you need to follow the Transport Voucher instructions. As they are very particular about timing the Scheduled Shared Transfer will leave you at your destination on time.

Apart from the above services you will be offered with Private Transfers, Large Group Transfers as well as Airport Taxis in Cagliari Airport. Depending upon your group size, the type of vehicle will be catered. It has the provision of taxis as well as minibuses, especially for smaller groups. The maximum size of a group can include 65 passengers. The allotted drivers wait for your arrival and they leave you to your destination directly and efficiently.

If you are travelling in a large group, you will be offered discounts. It states that the transfers that you will be getting can be the best for your journey.You will be satisfied with the transfer services.

Quattro Mori, Rossoblù and Taxiamico are the three available Cagliari Airport taxi services. To know more about the services of these companies either you can contact them over the phone or you can visit their individual sites. Here, the easiest form of transportation that you will get to reach your destination is the taxi. The usual color of the taxies is either white or yellow. To avoid some unwanted situation, you need to ask about the fare before leaving and the most important thing that you need to ensure is that never take a taxi whose meter is broken.