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Europcar Cagliari Airport

Italy is a cool place to visit and the Cagliari Elmas airport is the largest international airport which is located in the mesmerizing island of Sardinia. The airport boasts of a three floor terminal building and two runaways. At one point there were 2.6 million passengers and accommodations are made to welcome more with the passage of time. Passengers can avail of direct flights to cities like Barcelona, London and Manchester among others.

Italy is a land of mystery and intrigue and the island of Sardinia has some pretty cool historical sites and marvelous beaches for the tourists to enjoy and explore. It’s the second largest island in the Mediterrean which comes after Sicily and has nuraghe or buildings made of stone which tell us that people have lived here.

Once you land at the Cagliari Airport car hire is the best option for conveyance since its comfortable , convenient and passengers can have the car at their own disposal to travel wherever they wish for however long they desire. Europcar Car hire is a name to reckon with once you want to travel in leisure. There are a wide variety of vehicles available .

The cars can be reserved from the Europcar booking counters outside the Cagliari Airport or the more net savvy ones can make direct bookings on the official website The Mini category vehicles are four seaters and include Fiat Panda 1.2 Dynamic and Renault Twingo. There are two doors and the luggage space is small.

Cars offered by the Europcar company are larger in size and contain more internal space when it comes to accommodating a standard sized family examples of which are Renault Scenic and Citroen C4 Picasso among others. The Mercedes Viano is an eight seater and has space to accommodate four sets of baggage. The Renault Espace can accommodate seven individuals. These two cars are great for vacation or business trips.

The Europcar company provides its customers with cool benefits. The booking counters are open round the clock and the rented vehicles are provided with twenty four hour emergency aid while you travel. If given the flight number while making reservations the Europcar services even await a delayed flight arrival patiently so that the passengers need not get tensed after reaching the airport.